Nigerian Cuisine and Gastronomy

The Nigeria culinary practice is as diverse as the country’s ethnic groups. Every ethnic group is associated with particular cuisine, which they hold as dear to them.


The major traditional dishes and delicacies which have become national heritage include: Ugba, Edikaikon, Nkwobi, Ukwa, Okoho, Fufu, Tuwo, Akpu, Suya, Kilishi,Gbegeri, Owo, Bush meat, Fura de nunu, Kunu, Amala, OfeOha, Eba, Pounded yam. Today, Nigerians from various cultures prefer these foods to the western or so called continental dishes.

The popular snacks include Akara, Boli and Corn (boiled, popped or roasted). The beauty in the Nigerian experience is that guests are fed generously.