Cultural and Historical Attractions: Ancestral Festivals - Durbar Festival (Katsina, Kano, Zaria, etc.)

This is a rich display of horses mounted by colorfully dressed cavaliers, who pay traditional homage to the Emir to commemorate Sallah, and Kano States. It is held in some states in Northern Nigeria such as Katsina, Kaduna and Kano States.

Eyo Festival (Lagos)

This is a Lagos indigenous festival staged to mark the transition of an important indigene to the great beyond.

Osun Festival

This is an annual worship of the Osun goddess of fertility in the second week of August. It takes place in Osogbo, Osun State.

Argungu Fishing Festival

It is a bare-hand,once yearly fishing competition that is held in the town of Argungu in Kebbi state. It also includes water sports and wrestling contests.

New yam Festival - IriJi/ Ige-Agba Festival

This is new yam festival celebrated by the Igbo people of the Southwest and the Igede people of Benue State. It holds every first week of September.

Mmanwu Festival

It holds every November in Enugu. It is a colourful display of masquerades to usher in the new yam.

Ovie Orese Festival

The festival is a mandatory marital rite for virgins in Ogori land. It is a sort of initiation into adulthood. The venue is Ogori land in Kogi State.

Olojo/Ibogun Festival (Ile Ife)

This is a festival celebrated annually and it takes place every month of October in Ile Ife. The festival is performed by worshipping and offerings at OkeMogun in Ile ife. The festival lasts for four days.

OIgbogo Festival (Owo)

This is an annual celebration in Owo, Ondo State every September.